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The Fiero Fiction Series is a collection of short stories written about the adventures and experiences of everyday folks - like you and me - that own, drive and love the little GM orphan cars.

There are now over 20 stories in the series.  Many have been published in national Fiero magazines, club newsletters, and to the various Fiero specific Internet lists and newsgroups.

I would like to ask as you read these five stories (especially if you enjoy them) to remember that I am a retired professional now working as a free-lance writer.  I am always looking for opportunities to provide newspapers, magazines and business organizations with either technical writings, or just plain fun stuff, custom generated to fit their specific needs.   If interested, please contact me for specifics.

A lot of work has gone into creating these stories.  It is
my work.  Please respect that and do not copy, distribute or reproduce these works without my express written permission.  Thanks!
- Randy Agee

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