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Magazine Scans

This page contains links to a number of different Fiero related articles and photos scanned from magazines published between 1983 and 1987.  Each magazine page was scanned at a resolution of 125 dpi and has a width of 790 pixels - thus, the images will be presented at their best with monitor resolutions of 800 x 600 dpi.

Each image is in .jpg format.  Some images are very large and can take a considerable amount of time to download.

Click on individual text items to view image.   After viewing an image press
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Car and Driver, February 1981
1983 P-Car - Pontiac's sports-car prototype unveiled

Car and Driver, August 1983
P-Car Revolution at Pontiac:
Magazine Cover
Page 35      Page 36     Page 37     Page 38

Car and Driver, October 1983

Facing Centerfold Page - You are about to meetů..
Full Color Centerfold  of 1984 Fiero
Back Centerfold Page -
Introducing Pontiac Fiero

Hot Rod, October 1987

Magazine Cover - Pontiac Motorsports Pro Fiero
Full Color bi-fold Page - Formula four-valve
Formula Four-Valve -
color photos
Page 27 - article continuation & photos
Page 28 - etc.
Page 29 - last page of four-valve article

Page 32 - Formula Four Success first page
Page 34 - article continuation & photos
Pages 36 & 37 - Formula Four article conclusion

Check back again soon - more articles will be added as time is found to do the scans.

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