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July 27-30, 2000
Jeffersonville, IN (or "The Sunnyside of Louisville")
2000 FOCOA Fiero Festival
Nancy and I have been to lots of Fiero events and shows, but never a FOCOA National event...... until this year.
We pretty much figured it would be fun, but had no idea just how much fun.
Despite the rain and somewhat disappointing hotel accommodations (they kept turning off the water, and when it was on, there was no hot water in the shower), we had a literal blast.  Phil and Gloria Huff worked their buns off.  The folks attending were the nicest you will meet anywhere.  The cars were fantastic.  We will definitely do it again, and again, and again........
To those who do not support FOCOA and Gloria & Phil...... you just don't know what you are missing.  These folks may not be perfect (they are human), but they are hard working, caring individuals who want to do something good for the Fiero community..... and they do.  If you weren't there (Louisville) you missed one of the greatest Fiero related events anywhere, and a whole bunch of really neat people!
The photos that follow were just some of over 200 we snapped with our Sony Mavica digital camera during the three day event.  Nancy and I hope you enjoy them.... maybe even find yourself in them.
The Ramada Inn Hotel was the host site for FOCOA 2000.  While the facilities lacked "luster", the staff was very nice and helpful and the rooms comparitavely inexpensive.
Gloria greeting attendees at registration and Phill telling tales of past festivals in the Fiero Store.  
A.C. Dobson II passes out "freebies" at the registration desk.
Lots of shiny trophies were on display prior to the awards banquet
Nancy finds lots of really cool items in the Fiero Store while Jennifer helps out by collecting all the "green stuff".
The Belle of Louisville provided some fun and relaxation from the constant car cleaning.  Rumor has it that Chris Moore is working on installing a Northstar to turn the paddle wheel.